Effortless Expansion Episode #010: I Don't Have To Work But I Want To

podcast Oct 06, 2022

I am so nervous to say this. 🙈

I don't have to work, but I want to.

Here's the thing, and I know, this is a bold statement but I'm claiming it. This is me.
This is who I am.

I don't have to work.

My husband and I have a really, really solid plan of wealth in our life. 💰

We've created it together.

I worked a six-figure corporate job, we made some great investments off of that. Then I started an MLM business and got pretty high up in the company. I’ve since stepped away from that but I actually still collect a paycheck.

My husband has a really great income that affords us to be able to do, be, and have pretty much anything we want. Granted, we are not in the top 1%, but I will tell you, we are really freaking grateful for where we are. This is why I don’t have to work.

I don't have to do this… like, any of it.
I don't have to have a coaching and mentoring business.
I don't have to show up online, like I do, and be vulnerable AF with you guys.
I don’t have to upload podcast episodes every week.

And I'm really grateful for that.

In fact, I could just be sitting on my deck, eating bonbons, having groceries delivered to my door and carting my kids around.

Instead, I do this work.

I believe deeply in the coaching and mentorship space. I am fully committed to my expansion and evolution.


Because I believe I was put on this earth to lead women into the realization of their own divine power. ✨

I'm so passionate about helping others build the life of their dreams.

I want women to know that they can have the marriage of their dreams. I know they can because I do. And let me tell you, it almost ended. It was falling apart. But we chose US and now we are thriving.

I remember the days when my husband and I would walk the isles of Costco, fantasizing about the day we could buy whatever we wanted. We have that now.

We got to build our dream home. I’ve loved every second of this life.

This is why we are here, on earth– to experience our desires and attain them.

Your desires probably look different than mine and that is the best part! They are YOURS and I want to help you live them out.

It breaks my heart when I see women working jobs that they hate, because they don’t think they are worthy of more.

I have changed every aspect of my life and I want you to know you can, too!

This is why I do this work. This is why I show up.

I don't do it for a paycheck, I do it for pure joy and excitement.
I do it for my soul's mission and purpose; I was called here to do this.

And it is no coincidence that I live this life of true freedom, not having to work, being able to travel, being able to do what I want in ultimate expansion, to show you what's possible for you.

It’s time to stop playing small and I'm here to lead you into being the fully expressed, confident woman you were born to be.

Join me in my next free masterclass, Made For More. It’s happening on Wednesday October 19th at 8pm.


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