Effortless Expansion Episode #011: How To Believe In Miracles Without Evidence

podcast Oct 13, 2022

In this episode of the Effortless Expansion podcast I am diving deep into the topic of trusting what you're calling in without evidence, without proof that it’s on its way. I’m talking about believing it BEFORE you see it.

Let me break this down– there is this spot where you are in your life and there's this spot where you're going/ where you desire to go. In between these two points in time is called the “void.”

Inside of the void you can expect to be tested, experience duality and also if you choose, you can find passion and peace.

What do I mean by tests? This is basically when your commitment to your desires are put to the test by the obstacles that life throws your way. These tests will ask you– do you want this desire, this manifestation, this miracle more than anything else? Are you willing to do whatever it takes or are you only willing to do it if it's comfortable? Are you only willing to do it if nobody makes fun of you? Are you only willing to do it if it looks like it's going to work? Because here's the truth— in the void, you're not going to have a lot of evidence. This is where the magic happens, the universe gets behind you and conspires in your favor in the void and it requires trust.

Once you declare that this is it, you must be all in. Despite the lack of evidence, despite when people tell you you're crazy, that it'll never happen, or it's not possible. You must trust despite the fact that you can't see how it’s going to happen or if you've tried before and failed.

I’ve got a great example of what this trust looks like– imagine a baby. The baby trusts you to feed it and to keep it safe. It doesn't come into this world worrying about whether or not you’re going to feed it. It’s pure trust.

This is the trust and the surrender that I'm inviting you to have and embody in the void and this space between where you are now and where you're desiring to go.

Disclaimer: this work isn’t easy breezy. Your logical mind is going to resist. It hates change and it’s going to tell you it’s not safe. It’s going to tell you there’s no way it can happen, it’s too scary, and you should avoid disappointment at all costs.

As I've talked about previous episodes, disappointment is the biggest feminine energy wound. All of us women hate to be disappointed yet we CAN handle disappointment. We've all held it many, many times.

Here’s the truth– you can be disappointed when your manifestation doesn't happen tomorrow. You can be disappointed when you fail or things don’t happen as planned. You can hold the duality of emotion, in fact, you’ve probably been doing that your entire life anyways. What’s important is that you stay committed. You're all freaking in.

Here are a few ways to work through the resistance. Feel free to pick which options resonate, or use them all.

Hire a coach or mentor

It’s invaluable to have somebody to hold you, you’ll know this is true if you’ve ever had a coach or mentor. They will keep you grounded, anchored in to truth, and remind you how powerful you really are. I love one-on-one coaching and mentorship for this reason. I love knowing that my mentor is in my back pocket and I can have access to her pretty much whenever I need it.


Breathwork, although I often resist it, is a game changer. Breathe through disappointment, breathe through the fear. You can search YouTube for different breathwork sessions and techniques, get an app, or attend a workshop.


These days we have an infinite amount of incredible resources at our fingertips. There are books on every topic and in my experience, gaining knowledge is a great way to overcome the feelings of doubt and fear.

Side note, this is one of the most powerful subjects I love to teach on. I love, love, love holding women in this space between where they are and where they want to go. So, if we're not working together and you desire more, reach out! Let's explore the options of working together. And if that's not currently on the table for you, know that you can listen to this episode, as many times as you need to be held, everything is possible.

You are magic in human form.

It’s time to stop playing small and I'm here to lead you into being the fully expressed, confident woman you were born to be.

Join me in my next free masterclass, Made For More. It’s happening on Wednesday October 19th at 8pm.


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