Effortless Expansion Episode #015: How I Overcome Fear

Today's episode is all about how I’ve overcome fear. I'm seeing so much fear everywhere lately, and it's showing up in my life in sneaky little ways that I'm actually quite surprised about. And because I am so in tune with myself, where I'm going, and where I desire to be, I'm able to spot the fear quickly. I don’t necessarily mean to stop it, but become aware of it.

In this episode I am going to talk you through what fear looks like, what it can feel like in your body, and how to work through it. We are going to explore 3 tangible steps.

Step 1: Become aware of the fear. Watch it. See what happens. Become aware of your behavior, who you are around, what have you consumed (news, social media), etc.

Step 2: Have a conversation with yourself. Ask yourself:
Why do I feel this way?
Where is this coming from?
Where do I feel it in my body?

Step 3: Get out your journal and actually write down your fear.

I’ll give you an example of something I’ve recently worked through. I’d been traveling for a couple of weekends in a row and after I got home from my last trip I got super sick. Like sick sick. Not the c word, just really sick. I didn’t see this coming, and that really throws me off.

Anyways, I was down for the count. And I had this huge fear and guilt come up around me taking the rest my body needed. I was feeling guilty that I needed to do more, afraid that I was missing out on serving my incredible community, afraid that I would lose my momentum. The list goes on.

I literally took myself through that 3 step process and came out on the other side of this fear feeling different. Seeing the fear for what it really is.

I am going to give you a bonus step that really solidifies this work. Go back and read out those fears you wrote, either out loud or in your head without judgment, and ask yourself if they can be proved in a court of law.

Could it be proved in a court of law that I would lose my momentum if I allowed myself to rest for eight days?

Could it be proved in a court of law that I won't be seen as a servant in mindset and manifestation? Nope.

Could it be proved in a court of law that I'm going to lose all of my strength after not working out for 8 days? No.

So when you look at beliefs like this, when you actually look at them, write them down, see them for what they are, you're able to logically decide if they are true or not.

When you’re able to see fear for what it is, just a story, it loses its power over you. For the record, it's okay to have fear. In fact, we are always going to have fear, but when you can break it down in these four steps like I just shared with you, you can see fear for what it is.

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