Effortless Expansion Episode #016: Q&A: Manifestation, Fear, and Meditation

In this episode of The Effortless Expansion Podcast, my assistant, Carrie, is asking me a bunch of questions of which I have not heard. This is a raw and vulnerable episode to help you get to know me a little better. Below are timestamps for each question:

  • 1:53 What did you want to be when you grew up?
  • 2:10 What is your favorite part about coaching women?
  • 4:38 What prevents us from achieving our greatness/ full potential?
  • 10:04 What does it mean to be in the present moment?
  • 14:24 In 2022, what is our biggest distraction?
  • 16:16 Have you ever manifested something that you thought you wanted but realized you didn’t?
  • 18:02 If you could go back and give the younger version of Jess some advice, at any point on your journey, what would it be?
  • 19:40 What does your meditation practice look like?
  • 22:57 What does it mean to “go first”?
  • 26:02 What is your biggest fear?
  • 28:19 If you could teach the entire world one concept, what would it be?
  • 30:15 Do you have any rules around your screen time or time on your phone?
  • 30:35 SPECIAL GIFT
  • 35:17 What is your current dream vacation destination?

This was so much fun and I would love to do another Q&A soon. If you have questions that you want me to answer next time, let me know on Instagram @effortlesslyjess

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We live in a fear based society. It’s true

Faith > fear
Knowing > fear
Joy > fear
Love > fear
Trust > fear

We are taught to fear over anything yet I’m asking you to trust me in changing the narrative.

What if everyday instead Of feeling fear, you felt peace? You felt calm.

Fear has such a grip over us. So much so that when we are asked what we desire, we almost always say what we don’t desire-not what we do.

And the Universe doesn’t hear the word “don’t” which is so often why we manifest the very thing we “don’t” want

I’m exhausted in watching Women being taken over by fear as I see so much of the old me in them. I’ve overcome the everyday fear I used to feel. And it’s time I lead other women into this freedom too.

I’m inviting you into Big. Bold. Brave. My 3 day expansion experience which was going to be a paid offer but the world needs this now so I’ve decided to make it free. Out of pure love. Out of wild admiration for massive change for peace in the hearts of women.

Inside this expansive experience we are going to see your fear for what it clearly is. Lift the veil on fear, clearing it energetically and giving you the space for peace, a calm central nervous system and to see your desires as what you really want- not what you don’t.

I invite you inside to my latest creation, 

→ Big. Bold. Brave. ←

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