Effortless Expansion Episode #002: Ignite You

If I were to ask you to write a list of things you want right now, how big would your list be? If you’re like most people you’re probably in the habit of brushing your desires off, feeling unworthy, and feeling like you don’t even know what you want anymore. I am here to tell you that for starters, nothing is wrong with you. That used to be me, too. The good news is that igniting your desires is easy, fun and wildly exhilarating.

Step #1: Write 111 Desires On Paper

I know, you’re probably thinking there is no way you could possibly think of 111 desires. I invite you to dig deep and give it a try.

Don’t read the list as you’re writing it, just see what comes out. My favorite way to do this is to put on a little Adele and be in quiet time. Set the mood for you to feel in the flow, whatever that looks like for you. Light a candle, have a dance party, sit outside– you get the idea.

So often when we have a desire our logical mind is like, “No, you don't need that. How could you need that? You have this instead.” Or, “How could you desire that when you other people don't even have their basic needs met?” If that belief is active for you, I recommend listening to my last podcast episode where I dive deep into guilt.

Step #2: Ditch The Judgment

Don’t make your desires mean anything. Release all judgment about what you want so that you don’t block your receiving channel. Remember, our intention is to activate or stimulate our desires and a surefire way to deactivate our desires is to judge ourselves for having them in the first place.

Step #3: Ignite Your Desire

This is the fun part. My favorite way to activate my desires is to fully let myself live in the having of the desire NOW. For example, if you want a Louis Vuitton bag, go to a store and try it on, take a picture with it, feel as if it’s already yours. Similarly, if you have your eye on a new car, go test drive it! Memorize the feeling of the steering wheel, how the dash looks and how incredible it feels to sit in the car.

It’s important to give yourself permission to fully embody these moments. It may feel like pretending at first, but that’s kind of the point. We want to trick or prime our subconscious mind into believing that what we want is possible.

Other ways to ignite your desires include:

  • Befriend people who have your dream job
  • Surround yourself with people who are living the life you desire
  • Walk through the neighborhood you desire to live in
  • Create a vision board style wallpaper for your phone
  • Set an alarm to go off multiple times throughout the day to remind you that your desires are on their way to you

Step #4: Gut Check

As a generator in Human Design, I often get really inspired by other people and sometimes the desires I feel are not actually my desires. What I mean by that is that sometimes it’s my ego talking. I created a simple protocol to check in with my gut, my sacral authority, and see if this desire is really mine.

It’s really simple:

  1. Get quiet. Find a space where you will not be interrupted
  2. Sit in meditation take a few deep breaths
  3. Ask your higher self, “Do I desire this _________ from my higher self?”
  4. Wait for a clear yes or no
  5. Honor the answer

Step #5: Change Things Up

A great way to further activate these soul-aligned desires is to change things up in your life to rewire your brain. We operate on autopilot most of the time and that means that your bad habits (or beliefs about why you can’t have your desires) are likely to come up without you even realizing.

Have you ever been driving down the road and suddenly realize that you don’t even remember going through the last intersection? You can’t even remember if the light was green or red… scary, huh? That is how powerful our subconscious mind is!

Here are some easy ways to change things up and step out of autopilot:

  • Sleep on the other side of the bed
  • Brush your teeth with your non dominant hand
  • Hold your phone with the opposite hand
  • Take a different route to work

As you embark on this journey of stepping into your fullest expression, remember that your higher self, your soul, wants you to have everything you want. Your desires are meant for you. The universe was designed this way. It may feel hard and scary at first, but once you get momentum going in the direction of your desires and the more you see the universe conspiring in your favor, the more you will believe in the power of this work.

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