Effortless Expansion Episode #021: The New Year's Hype is B.S.

I have an unpopular opinion to share… I think the New Year's hype is B.S.

Wait, let me explain.

I am somebody who LOVES the holiday season and I love the new year. I love the excitement. I love getting dressed up. I love staying at home. I love going out. I love getting fancy. I love being in sweatpants. I love all the things that the new year brings.

I think it also offers us this big invitation to ask ourselves who do we wanna be and what are our goals for the new year? I love this aspect of it. I am someone who likes to set those type of goals once a month and I spend my entire year very intentionally. It’s kind of my thing.

But the new year has so much energy, so much hype that puts a ton of pressure on people, and here's what happens:

January 1: I'm gonna do this.
January 2: Doing it.
January 3: Doing it.
January 4: Doing it.
January 5: Still doing it.
January 6: Man I need a break
January 7: Oh boy, I’m traveling this week soooo I think I’ll skip it today.
January 8: Ok I’ll do it.
January 9: Ugh doing it.
January 10: …..
February 15: What was that New Year’s resolution I set again? Oh yeah… welp, better luck next year. I suck.

Jimmy Fallon Wow GIF by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Sound familiar?

It’s happened to the best of us. We set these big audacious goals and neglect to set ourselves up for success which leads us to breaking our word with ourselves and ultimately feeling like a failure.

Not only is this a self esteem killer, I believe it pushes your manifestations further away from you.

Your word is law and when you say you’re going to do something and actually do it, you cultivate a deep sense of trust with yourself. When you trust yourself you believe in yourself. When you believe in yourself the Universe opens up for you.

And hey, listen, I've done this too. I'm guilty of saying I’m going to work out every day in the new year. I start off so strong but it usually only lasts around 10 days. At that point my body is screaming at me for a break and then I lose momentum. Or I push through and injure myself.

When this happens I provide all of this evidence in my brain that, actually, my word isn't law. I’ll think to myself, well, last year we set a goal and that lasted like 10 days. The year before that wasn’t much different. Or the year before that. Or the year before that.

I’ve got evidence. This isn’t going to work.

If this is where you’re at, you’re probably wondering what is the point?

I know this can be frustrating and I’ve literally been there. There is another way and I am going to tell you everything I know.

Tune in to the episode to learn more.

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