Effortless Expansion Episode #022: 3 Common New Year’s Resolutions Mistakes

New Year’s resolutions are always a buzzword at the end of the year and if I’m being honest, I kind of love it. You guys know I am all about expansion always, in all ways. There is so much magic in the air and it’s a great time to build momentum to kickstart your year.

But there is one problem…

Most people make 3 common mistakes when writing their New Year’s resolutions and that's exactly why most goals are abandoned within the first few months.

I don’t want you to make these mistakes and I’m here to help you navigate them.

Mistake #1: We make goals in masculine energy.

What do I mean by this? We set very specific goals and put a deadline on them.


I am going to release 15 pounds in 3 months.

I am going to make $10,000 in 90 days.

I may have an unpopular opinion here, but I don’t think this is the best way. When I put a timetable on my goals it creates a feeling of contraction in my body. When I release the timetable I feel my energy shift into trust and I am able to achieve my no matter what energy around it. Like, no matter how long it takes I will achieve it.

When you tap into your feminine, trusting energy you tap into the field of potentiality. You allow the Universe to give you that or something better. You’re building a strong foundation of trust with yourself. After all, your word is law.

Mistake #2: We don’t consider the action plan that will ultimately allow us to achieve our goal.

If your goal is to release 15 pounds in 3 months, what is that really going to take? If you knew you needed to work out for multiple hours each day and have an extremely strict diet in order to accomplish your goal, would you still do it?

When we fail to plan, we plan to fail. Consider what action steps would be needed to make your goal a reality and make sure you choose something that is feasible and something that won’t drain you of your precious happiness. If you’re dreading the thought of it, chances are that the new habit won’t stick.


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I don’t believe we were put here on this planet to deprive ourselves of fun and pleasurable life experiences. I believe the opposite– we are here to set goals within the context of our lives AND we get to experience pleasure and fun.

This is also the time to look at your beliefs around what you believe it would take to get to your goal. For example, you set out to make $10k in 90 days but have a strong belief that it can only happen if you sell a ton of products/ programs, make a million Instagram reels, and show up on stories every single day with your makeup done.

What if you desire to release 15 pounds in the next 3 months but you hold an outdated belief that the only way it's possible is through excessive cardio and repulsively boring meals... you're probably not going to have much fun in doing what you think you should do.

What if it were possible to release the weight while eating colorful, flavorful meals that are actually fun to prepare?

What if you signed up for that cardio dance class you've been wanting to try and you actually feel like a child at play during the workout?

What if it gets to be easier and more effortless than ever before?

Our beliefs create our reality.

Our beliefs are just thoughts we keep thinking and we can change the thoughts we choose to think. This is what we will do together in my signature 5 day experience, Unruly.

Mistake #3: We set unrealistic goals.

We’ve all optimistically set goals that were (in hindsight) unrealistic only to be left feeling discouraged and disappointed. That feeling sucks and it makes you feel like a failure and it may make you want to hide. This is avoidable!

If you take your learnings from the first two mistakes, set goals in your feminine energy without a timetable and consider the action plan needed to make the goal a reality, you will be set up to create very realistic goals.

Here’s the beautiful thing– as you begin to build this relationship with yourself by creating achievable goals and actually making them happen, your confidence will skyrocket.

I want you to know that I am here to support you along the way and I believe one of the best ways to set yourself up for success in 2023 is to join me in Unruly.
It’s my signature 5 day experience and this is the last time I am running it at the low price of $55 dollars and you will have lifetime access forever. This is a wildly underpriced offer and I am proudly inviting you into it.


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