Effortless Expansion Episode #025: Florida House Update

 Finally, the Florida house update I have been DYING to talk about!!! Eeeeeek!

Ok, let's start from the beginning. Let's rewind to September 2022. My husband and I were under contract for a home in Bonita Springs, Florida. I flew down for the home inspection, it went amazing, and we were moving forward with the process. Three days later the home had been severely impacted by Hurricane Ian and now had approximately 4 feet of water inside of it. Crazy, right? The craziest part is that the hurricane wasn’t supposed to hit this part of Florida– it was supposed to go much further north. It turned at the last second and left us all stunned.

Thankfully there was a clause in our contract that allowed us to back out and we did. The house needed to be fully gutted and repaired and I knew deep in my soul that this wasn’t the right house for us.

This really hurt Nick and I. We didn’t see this coming and we allowed ourselves to grieve what could have been while also continuing our search for the perfect home. This was a masterclass in duality for me. I used this as an opportunity to further embody the lessons that I teach my clients. I trust deeply that the universe always has my back, and I trust my soul’s guidance.

We work with a really great realtor team down in Naples, Florida. They are amazing. Shout out to Sean and Julie, if you are looking in the Naples area, please reach out to me. I'd be happy to share that contact information with you. By now you know that we have really high standards and alignment for what we're looking for, who we work with and who we spend our time with, and Sean and Julie are incredible.

 So we never gave up. We kept looking and in case y'all didn't know, this home will also be on Airbnb. So it is a way for us to have a place in Florida for us to use a few times a year, and then also to generate passive income. We are at the point in our lives where we desire more wealth and more freedom. This means not only talking about it but also expanding and making the big, bold, and brave moves to actually make it happen and for us, that was signing on the dotted line and buying an investment property.

We got super clear on what we wanted and were committed to finding the perfect place. This wasn’t an easy task because many of the homes in the Naples area didn’t match our criteria. I wanted a space plenty big enough to travel with a big group. We love to travel with our family, our extended family, my parents, my sister, my sister's husband, my grandparents and/or our friends and their kids. That’s how we roll. So we needed a place to accommodate that. There's nothing worse than going on a vacation and having to sleep in a twin bed or in a room with your kids and your friend’s kids, right? I wanna sleep with my husband and I wanna be comfortable. Period. Sorry not sorry.

So we kept looking and looking and looking and it seemed to be no after no after no. Then our realtor found a house that was a little out of our comfort zone and asked if we’d seen it. We told our realtor to go check it out and it was fabulous. It was still at a price that we weren’t comfortable playing at but it kept coming down. We put in an offer knowing that there were other offers also being placed on it.

To be honest yall, I didn’t think we were going to get it.

But we did!!!

This is such evidence of the power of manifestation, pure desire, and soul alignment. There is so much more to the story but you’re going to have to listen to the podcast to get all the juicy details.

Also, if you want to listen to the original podcast that I recorded after I got the news that the first house was devastated by the hurricane, here is that: 

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