Effortless Expansion Episode #028: Embracing The Whole You with Beth Piazza-Bonin

Beth is a mother, a wife, a creator, healer, and spiritual seeker. At the apex of her career as a clinical psychologist specializing in trauma, she was thrust into her own healing initiation when she developed a severe and debilitating chronic illness.

Beth grappled with the mysterious interplay between the mind, body, spirit connection and learned through her own healing that wholeness is our original state and our birthright. She now owns her own private practice where she guides people on a path of transformation by helping them step fully into their original essence and purpose with self-compassion and grace.

She also specializes in psychedelics as tools for healing and co-hosts a podcast 100 Percent Healing, focused on building loving community and exploring the gifts of chronic illness.

I met Beth at Dr. Joe Dispenza's advanced follow-up retreat, and she filled me with so much love and so much light in her story, and I knew I had to have her on the podcast. I can’t wait to introduce you to her!

In this episode we talk all about embracing the whole you. Happy listening!

(2:26) How Beth and I met

(4:28) Who is Beth Piazza-Bonin?

(9:36) Striving, gripping and controlling

(12:09) Beth’s health journey

(19:45) Why she became a meditator

(27:41) Newfound gratitude

(29:22) If you’re struggling with gratitude

(31:00) Meditation is medicine

(34:00) God said, “Beth, you do your part and I’ll do mine.”

(36: 05) Meeting yourself in the shadows  

(39:30) What are Beth’s favorite meditations?

(41:48) Out-of-body experiences


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Beth’s Podcast:


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