Effortless Expansion Episode #029: Designed to Dream with AmyLee Westervelt

podcast Feb 09, 2023

Amy Lee Westervelt is a mindset expert and board certified master neuroenergetics practitioner, keynote speaker, author, and thought leader who works predominantly with female entrepreneurs. Through her signature programs and coaching, she has been instrumental in the transformation of thousands of business owners from anxious and unaware to empowered and abundant.

(2:16) Meet Amy

(3:49) How does Amy serve her clients?

(6:30) We, as women, are often afraid to admit our desires.

(8:38) What is one tip for someone struggling to figure out what they want?

(12:00) Alien thought experiment

(14:00) Learn about Amy’s kids and how she incorporates manifestation and spiritual teachings into her parenting

(20:30) Amy’s perspective on the current collective consciousness

(25:44) The Universe always has your back

(27:00) Amy’s favorite Jewish holiday traditions

(29:15) Where to find Amy on the internet

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