Effortless Expansion Episode #030: Let’s Talk Money with Emily Wilcox


Emily Wilcox is a money healer and business mentor for women entrepreneurs helping them to build their fempires with joy and ease. She’s built two seven figure businesses, an e-commerce business and a marketing agency.

Tune in to learn how she consciously chooses expansion on her journey of living a limitless life.

(2:11) Emily’s Story. The birth of 2 babies and 2 businesses

(4:15) Neutrality with money

(7:45) Emily’s journey with money and how she started coaching women 

(9:09) Speak and I will listen, lead and I will follow

(10:30) Trusting and putting one foot in front of the other

(13:00) Surrendering to the flow of life 

(13:20) The biggest money block and repellent and how to fix it

(17:10) Obligation frequency vs desire frequency

(19:00) Releasing the “how”

(19:30) A juicy money mindset tip from Emily

➡️ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/em.makes.money/

➡️ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/emilyjwilcox1/

➡️ Her free money quiz: https://www.emilywilcox.com/quiz

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