Effortless Expansion Episode #031: Life By Design With Karen Galway

In this episode of The Effortless Expansion Podcast, I am interviewing Karen Galway. Karen is a certified Human Design reader and Embodiment coach.

Karen grew up in Newfoundland, an island on the east coast of Canada. She's always had a desire to help others, and it eventually brought her to the US for her master's degree in speech language therapy. Her journey to the energetic world of healing started with being introduced as an energetic practitioner at one of her professional seminar courses. It was this exposure that sparked a self-discovery in herself and various energetic and healing modalities.

Karen has worked with various healers and ultimately it was a human design reading that she received that left her wanting to learn more about herself. She then decided to deepen her understanding of this tool and become certified in Human Design through the Human Design Academy, Karen now combines the self-discovery tool with her understanding of energetics in the subconscious mind and her coaching practice where she helps her clients rewrite their beliefs so that they can start living their life by their design.

In this episode we talk about:

  • What is Human Design?
  • How we can use it in our real, every day lives
  • How it can help us in decision making and in relationships
  • How to find your own Human Design 

Whether you are brand new to human design or have a good understanding of it, you will probably learn something new in this episode. I can't wait for you to hear it.

(2:28) Meet Karen

(3:30) What is human design?

(5:35) How Karen found Human Design

(9:23) How to use human design in parenting

(11:00) Karen looks at Jess’s chart as a ⅖ Generator

(14:54) Why Jessica often triggers others

(16:26) Incarnation cross of tension

(17:27) Releasing control

(22:40) Gate 57 and Jess’s psychic abilities

(25:00) How to find your Human Design

(26:00) How to use Human Design in your real, everyday life

(29:13) How embracing emotional authority is different than sacral authority

(30:05) Embracing children with emotional authorities

(30:45) How to work with Karen 

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