Effortless Expansion Episode #032: The Ring

STORY TIME! Let’s talk about the time I lost my incredibly beautiful wedding ring.

This is one of my most favorite stories to tell and a true testament of my manifestation powers.

So, the wedding ring that you’ve been seeing me wear on my finger for the past few years is not the same ring I’ve always had.

Four and a half years ago, I was very pregnant. Something that happens during pregnancy is that your rings start to get too tight. Luckily mine fit but it was getting very uncomfortable. I took it off and laid it on my bedside table.

Another fun side effect of pregnancy that I got to experience is forgetfulness. I had forgotten that I put my ring on my bedside table, or at least that’s where I THOUGHT I put it.

A couple weeks later, we were going to an event and I wanted to wear my ring. I went to look for it and I couldn’t find it. My heart sank.

I frantically called Nick and asked him to come home from work and help me look for it. I retraced my steps the last time I wore it. Can't find it. Nick looks for it. Can't find it. My parents look for it. Can't find it. My best friend comes over the following weekend, we look for it. Can't find it.

My other friend let me borrow their metal detector. I'm using the metal detector in the house. Can't find it.

This is a super special ring to me, Nick had it custom made.

Finally after looking for what felt like forever I admit it’s lost. It’s gone.

I was very, very, very, very upset. My sweet husband Nick, for the record, NEVER made me feel bad about losing it. If the roles were reversed I know I would have belittled him for losing his ring but thank goodness he never did that to me.

Finally Nick was like listen, we have insurance on it. Let's just put in a claim and get you a new ring.

I did NOT want a new ring. I wanted my ring. But it was important to both of us that I have a ring on my finger so we put in the insurance claim and got a new ring made by our local jeweler and I learned to love it. I learned to love that this was the story behind it.

Fast forward four and a half years, in December of 2022 I was looking for my retainers. You’re probably thinking I lose everything but let me tell you, I rarely lose things– truly!

So we were getting ready to go to bed, Nick was sitting out in the living room and I was back in our room and I'm like, okay, I'm gonna find these stinking retainers.

I look in all the drawers of my bedside table, it’s not there. I go to look under the table and you’ll never guess what I see. I see a bouncy ball, a wrapper and….


It's sitting there perfectly, facing me like someone placed it there.

It took my breath away.

So I pick it up, put it on my finger, and to my surprise it still fits.

So I start squealing and screaming for Nick to come here, and since he wasn’t fast enough I start running out to him, hyperventilating.

excited surprise GIF by Girl Starter

At this point, I'm so freaking excited that he's like, what's wrong? What's wrong? What's wrong? And I just I cannot even get the words out

I flash him my hand and he is in disbelief.

He's like, oh my goodness, I cannot believe you found it. We looked there so many times!

I’m telling you guys, we tore that bedroom apart. We’ve even since then gotten a new bed, had to pull out the side tables and put them back.

I wish I could accurately convey how unlikely this is.

I'm sharing this with you because, Dr. Joe Dispenza, who’s work I study and who I've learned a lot about manifestation and meditation from talks a lot about this kind of thing.

I will walk you through how exactly I manifested this incredible miracle in this episode. Go listen!!!

I’ve got the husband

But I still didn’t feel worthy

I thought by me having it all was taking from someone else.


I had these big dreams and the Universe was trying to deliver them to me. But I was in such conflict. I can’t have more because what about everyone else?

I’m a highly sensitive person. I can really feel energy from others just by being in their presence. And I was I was afraid of judgment. Afraid of them judging my life.

I knew something had to give.
So I hired a coach.

We dove deep on healing. On worthiness. On truth. My truth.

By me having MORE. I get to give MORE.

And contrary to what you’ve been taught there’s an endless supply and for everyone.

When I explored these new truths and anchored them in my world expanded tenfold.

I finally laid down my worth was tied in the income I made for my family and let it flow in through my hubby. Who fully supports our family.

And not so ironically of course- my business expanded. And I lit up. My light shined brighter. I felt a deep purpose for the first time in a long time outside of my family.

And it just keeps getting better. The better it gets the better it gets.

I’m claiming the status I have of this limitless life and I’m here to lead other women into this healing, into the supporting of their limitless life even when the $ doesn’t flow directly to you. You still are worthy of it.

In fact your worth isn’t tied up into anything but you- just as you are- why you’re reading this.

It’s time you embrace all of you. For the woman who isn’t the primary income earner yet holds massive space for her spouse who is, her family and also has big dreams for herself.

The Deep 8 week mastermind is open.


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