Effortless Expansion Episode #033: Stop Trying So Hard

You’ve gripped, controlled, and forced almost everything in your life.

You are stressed to the max, and overworked.

Anxiety is an everyday word in your life and you feel it in your body.

You see others living so calmly and peacefully and wonder how they can just go with the flow. You envy that.

You think to yourself, "This is my life. I can’t leave it up to chance."

You don’t trust anyone to lead you in YOUR life.

I know how you feel because I used to be you. 🫶

I forced, pushed, and controlled every area of my life from my corporate job to my business, and my marriage.

Don’t get me started on the helicopter parent I used to be (ok, still am in some ways).

But here’s what I want you to know, it is 100% possible for you to feel different, to be calm, focused, and whole.

To feel a deep sense of peace and security in your body and your life.

To know you’re taken care of.

To know you have a much bigger plan in life, and that the Universe always has your back.

Your days go something like this…

You’re short with your kids.

You’re triggered in almost every area of your life.

Raising your voice, rolling your eyes, and snapping at people because you’re a tough, strong independent woman yet inside, you’re breaking.

You are doing it all because you feel like you have to. Let’s face it, no one can do it better so you might as well just do it yourself.

But at what cost?

❌ Stress.

❌ Health concerns.

❌ Anxious feelings to the brink of not being able to function.

❌ A zillion things on your to-do list.

You feel a sense of pride because you are doing it all.

You manage the money, the meals, the kids' schedules, your schedule, workouts, playdates, and on rare occasions a date night with your spouse.

Everyone comes before you.
It’s just how you are.

You are always a giver with a big heart.

And you know you’re incredible at serving others and will self-sacrifice just to help another.

But at what cost?

❌  Feeling disconnected from you.

❌ Setting an example for your kids to repeat the pattern.

❌  Bulldozing your partner.

❌  Making all the decisions for everyone.

You know you can’t keep going like this but you also don’t see another option. This is how you are, this is how you were taught to be as a Woman.

But….what if it didn’t have to be that way?

I'm going to walk you through exactly what I did to achieve feelings of calm, fulfillment, and unwavering clarity.

I’ve created the Effortless Woman to invite you into the most expansive experience for you as a Woman.

The Effortless Woman is my 4-day invite for you to do it differently.

Different than you have been and, dare I say, open yourself up to a new way, the effortless way.

This experience will help you

✨ Heal the deeply engrained wounds that tell you that you must be, do, and have it all because there is no one else to help.

✨ Make it easy to ask for and receive help.

✨ Learn how to go first and let others and the Universe meet you where you are.

✨ Harmonize your masculine and feminine energy.

✨ Examine the beliefs that you have about what a Woman should look like and realign them to support your Effortless Woman way.

Here’s what you’ll walk away with:

🔥 Feeling calm in your body and mind

🔥 Relief from worry and people-pleasing

🔥 Certainty that you are supported beyond belief

🔥 Tools + Resources to hold yourself in the busyness and chaos of life when you want to revert to old ways

🔥 Tangible tools and plans to ask for what you want and leverage the magic around you to magnetize it in

🔥 Clarity on what you want out of life and how to bring it into your reality

🔥 Reprogramming your mind to operate at its highest level to support you on this new journey

🔥 Energetic and alchemy healing from myself and my guides and healing team while inside this space


Feeling so worthy of all the desires of your heart that it releases the pressure to push, force, and control everything around you.

Knowing with deep conviction you are divinely supported.

Learning from someone who has walked in your shoes. I see you. I’ve been there. You can embrace this change and never look back. And becoming an Effortless Woman will be one of the best decisions of your life.

Having a safe space for you to understand and someone to hold you in the tough moments and see you in your growth.

Making time for yourself and teaching that as an example with your family.

Imagine if you decided to take a chance on yourself and that one decision changed the trajectory of your entire life.

Joining me inside of one or all of the programs inside The Effortless Bundle is exactly how to do just that.

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