Effortless Expansion Episode #034: Let's Talk Love with Emyrald Sinclaire

Emyrald Sinclair is a love and manifestation coach who helps her clients to connect with the true desires of their heart, offers them the encouragement and accountability to follow through and take action on their dreams and gives them practical tools in order to manifest the love of their lives and the life of their dreams.

You can find her traveling the world, sharing her wisdom all on her podcast, manifested all and creating her real life magic along the  way. 

This conversation exposes the lies that women are sold about love and relationships and sheds light on the truth of the matter.

(3:02) What are some of the lies that women are told about relationships and love?

(3:23) The “it will happen when it’s meant to” lie

(5:38) When it will ACTUALLY happen

(6:17) The Disney movie lie

(7:49) Jess’s misconception about relationships

(9:10) The “happily ever after” lie

(12:13) What would happen if you got everything you wanted right now and why you wouldn’t actually want that

(14:57) Believing you are worthy

(15:48) How Jess has maintained a healthy relationship

(18:00) When Emyrald feels her worst and how she shifts it

(19:35) Your husband shouldn’t put you first

(21:28) How to work with Emyrald

(27:35) Where to find Emyrald on the internet

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