Effortless Expansion Episode #036: How Community Helps You Achieve Your Goals Faster With Tabitha Crocker

(2:07) Meet Tabitha

(4:45) What does community mean to you?

(6:14) How Tabitha’s membership-model business and her community allows her ultimate freedom and support no matter what life throws at her

(7:57) A glimpse into Jess’s early days of motherhood

(10:07) The benefit of cultivating a wide community

(10:48) Why don’t people want my help?

(12:15) What is the best way to cultivate community?

(13:38) The misconception about how to be of service

(16:04) Laws of the Universe

(16:58) What reciprocity is NOT

(17:55) One tip if you want to start a community

(19:40) What’s coming up in Tabitha’s world

➡️Tabitha’s freebie: https://deft-painter-6516.ck.page/b91fc106d3

➡️Tabitha’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/presentprofitablemom/

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