Effortless Expansion Episode #040: The Magic Bullet

In my past, I was always looking for the magic bullet, the one magical thing that was outside of myself to be the “game changer.”

I wanted to triple my income with this “little-known hack”

I imagined having the best sex of my life with this “one little secret.”

I wanted to become the perfect parent, wife, woman, friend, daughter, etc.

And then I realized that I am the magic bullet.

It’s all an inside job.

I had this realization after thinking back on everything that I have manifested over the years.

I can’t trace my manifestations back to “one thing” I did.

There wasn’t a “magic hack” that solved all of my problems.

The secret doesn’t exist!

Truth be told, it's an accumulation of all of the things that I've done.

It's the books that I've read, the courses I've taken, and the unwavering belief that I have in myself.

It’s my trust and faith that what I want is coming.

It’s releasing the idea of perfection.

It’s getting big and bold and brave and taking massive, even messy, action.

It’s having fun, letting life surprise me.

If you’re like most people, you’ve probably fallen into the trap, at one point or another, of believing the magic bullet is something outside of you.

Consumerism is founded on this belief.

If you drink this protein shake, buy these workout clothes, and join this gym you’ll definitely be sexier.

If you buy this iPhone, this purse, this car…

Surely you will feel better about yourself.

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You’ve tried that.

You’ve bought the things.

Maybe you felt better for a minute, or a week or a month.

But the feeling never lasts.


Because it’s not the THING that produces the feeling.

It’s YOU.

The magic bullet lives inside of you.

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I know this to be true because over the hundreds of women that I have coached over the years when they tap back into their divine power, essence, inner knowing, and sovereignty they remember they are a divine being.

I watch as they step into unshakeable confidence and align with their highest self.

Every woman that I work with experiences massive transformation because I'm leading her back to herself. I'm not leading her through a cookie-cutter transformation process. I'm leading her back to herself, her power, her knowing her truth, her desires, her power, her luxury, her all the things that she wants.

And when she connects back to that and she remembers who the f*** she is, the magic unfolds. 

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