Effortless Expansion Episode #043: Effortless Marketing with Chas Young

In this episode of The Effortless Expansion Podcast, I am excited to welcome Chas Young, a marketing expert with over 19 years of experience in the industry. She's been dubbed the "marketing queen" and for good reason. Chas has been in the game since 2002 when she graduated with a marketing degree and has been helping businesses achieve their marketing goals ever since. Chas is based in Calgary, Canada, where she lives and breathes marketing. During the podcast, Chas shares her secret to the 3-hour workday and gives us an insight into her journey to becoming a marketing queen. So sit back, relax, and get ready to be inspired by Chas's infectious energy and wealth of knowledge.



 1:15 Meet Chas and learn her story

8:32 Marketing is the scariest and sexiest part of business

8:57 Chas does not have a fear of being seen, its one of her strengths

9:30 It’s not hard for her to write a social media post every single day

10:12 Chas’s strength is strategy

11:30 Chas’s 3 hour work week

13:35 What time of the day are you most creative?

13:56 Using Canva to create easy graphics

14:35 Engaging is the biggest (and easiest) part about marketing

16:00 Cold DMing is soul sucking

16:23 Social media is a party, just be social.

17:35 If you’ve never used Canva to make graphics before

18:10 What should you post? Chas gives you the rundown

21:30 Viewing social media as an opportunity to help people

23:30 Where to find Chas on social media

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