Effortless Expansion Episode #044: Let's Get Real with Ruthie Cease

In this episode of The Effortless Expansion Podcast, I am joined by my coach, Ruthie Cease. Ruthie is a business and embodiment mentor for Rebel Coaches. Ruthie helps coaches break the rules of business and get paid for being their true authentic selves. Her work goes beyond just making money and delves into the internal transformation required to achieve success in business.

Ruthie's approach equips and empowers her clients to take control of their success and run their businesses from a place of embodied energy. This shift reduces the rollercoaster results often experienced by entrepreneurs and creates a foundation for financial stability and growth.

Join us as Ruthie shares her insights and expertise on how to build a successful business by embracing your true self and bringing your whole self to the table.



1:08 Meet Ruthie and learn about who she serves

2:40 Jess hired Ruthie for strategy initially, but it has transformed into much more

3:00 Jess shares how she found out about an unexpected (and costly) repair that needed to happen in her Florida home less than 45 days after she bought it and how Ruthie helped her shift from financial lack to freedom

5:00 Ruthie talks about her journey with money and how she believes we have collectively misunderstood it

9:20 Money has a mothering energy

10:30 Where the Law of Attraction becomes toxic

10: 55 For someone just starting out on their money journey

12:05 There is nothing you could say or do to cancel money coming to you

13:49 Jess reflects on hearing her biological father say, “Money doesn’t grow on trees.”

14:39 Often times our money stories are not even ours.

16:08 Forgiving our parents for the beliefs they passed down

17:50 Examining our own beliefs and coexisting with others who don’t share the same opinion

20:20 Ruthie shares some rebel soul moments

26:26 What happens when you get lost and fall off the path

28:52 Attaching to the outcome knocks your chakras out of balance

32:54 Bitterness kills faith

33:58 The world needs you wealthy

37:00 Where to find Ruthie 

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