Effortless Expansion Episode #047: What If You Healed Yourself First?

In this episode of The Effortless Expansion Podcast, Jessica Doman shares her personal journey of healing and the tools she has used to navigate through challenging times. Listen in as she shares a massive realization she had about healing herself first and reflects on the illusion of control over external circumstances. She shares the transformative technique she has used to create a sense of safety within herself and her body. Tune in to this episode of The Effortless Expansion Podcast to gain insights and practical tools that will empower you to walk confidently into the unknown.



I’m coming off of some of the hardest stuff I’ve ever dealt with in my life.

In fact, I was having a conversation with my mom the other day and she asked me if I felt like this situation is harder than my fertility journey, including a miscarriage.

I told her, without a doubt– yes.

I’m telling you this for perspective and in this episode, I'm going to share some of the tools and rituals I've been using to heal myself that have been incredibly transformative.

Y’all know I am not new to the world of clearing limiting beliefs. This is kind of my thing and has been for years. Well, not that long ago I was having a conversation with my coach while I was sick. You know, under the weather.

For context, I get really irritated when I’m sick. I love feeling my best and anything less than that is extremely inconvenient and annoying for me. I like getting things done and feeling behind is something I really don’t like. I realized this was something I wanted to clear so I brought it to her attention.

She said something that caught me off guard and blew me away. She told me that I need to take care of myself first before I attempt to go and save the world.

While I have worked on clearing limiting beliefs and fears surrounding illness, it wasn't until that moment that I truly grasped the significance of HEALING myself first.

It hit me like a lightening bolt. ⚡️

I finally understood the concept of healing myself first.

Ahaaaaaa! 💡

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been prioritizing my self-care for the past 4 years now, waking up before the kids to meditate and workout.

I give myself permission to get occasional facials and pamper myself.

To take it a step further, I’ve even been told by enough flight attendants and self-help gurus to put my oxygen mask on before I attempt to help anyone else, but that didn’t register to me as healing.

It’s more than just making sure I go first in my daily routine, I get to heal myself first, too.

This requires embracing transformation on sooooo multiple levels.

It means acknowledging my own wounds, fears, and doubts, and actively doing the work.

By doing so, I become better equipped to navigate the challenges that life throws my way.

I’m a better mom, lover, and friend.

It would be a disservice to everyone if I didn't prioritize my healing.

I get it now. 😌

Society often places so much pressure on women to prioritize the needs of others before their own. As a mother, this expectation can intensify, as we often put our families before ourselves. However, I have come to embrace a core belief: I get to come first. This belief sets the foundation for my personal well-being and allows me to show up as the best version of myself for my loved ones.

It involves delving into the depths of our being and addressing the darkest moments we face.

Recently, I found myself navigating through a period of uncertainty as my husband transitioned from his job, leaving us to contemplate our next steps. This moment brought forth a wave of emotions and forced us to evaluate our future.


The past three months have served as a reminder that control over external circumstances is truly just an illusion. Despite my efforts to control outcomes, life has continuously reaffirmed that I have zero control over the future. What I do have control over is how I respond in each moment and the choices I make. This realization has opened the door to a new chapter of healing, one centered around creating safety within myself and my body.

Tune in to this episode to learn the technique that I used, and continue to use, to heal myself whenever something comes up.

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