Effortless Expansion Episode #056: Lessons From My 4-Year-Old

In this episode of The Effortless Expansion Podcast, I'm sharing all about how I turned my kiddo's anxiety about an allergy shot into a fun adventure filled with excitement and anticipation. Tune in to learn all about rewriting your mental narrative and how we aren't that different from 4-year-olds after all.




My kids are my best teachers and I’m here to share a big lesson that just came through.

My adorable kiddo, Connor, was gearing up for his first allergy shot. And oh boy, his mind built it up to be a massive, scary ordeal.

I am big on preparing my kids because I think it is so important to make sure they know exactly what to expect, rather than blindsiding them.

We talked through how the whole day is going to go and since his big brother has been getting allergy shots for a year now, so he understands the process. But he has built it up in his mind that he can’t stop thinking about how much he thinks it’s going to hurt.

Sound familiar?

How often have we painted a negative picture in our minds before facing something new? 🤔

What if we flip the script and instead of mulling over the thoughts of fear and unknown, we fill our thoughts with excitement and positivity?

That's exactly what I did with Connor. I transformed his anxiety into anticipation by making the experience a super special adventure.

I told him about the cool bandage he'll get, the amazing cold compress, the big box of toys waiting for him after the shot, and the yummy sucker that he gets to enjoy on the ride home. And guess what? He's excited now – it's all about changing the narrative!

Speaking of flipping perspectives, I started thinking, if this can work for Conner, why can’t it work for me?

Let's chat about a personal challenge of mine – moving.

Now, moving isn't exactly my cup of tea (who's with me?). But here's the secret sauce: I've decided to view this move as a chance to relax and unwind.

Yes, you heard that right! Instead of stressing about packing and logistics, I'm choosing to envision it as an opportunity to sit back, read a book, or maybe even coach some clients while the pros do the packing. It's all about changing how we view things, my friends.

And you know what? This little mindset tweak works wonders. I want to invite you to try it too!

Think about that task or situation you're dreading. How would it feel to reframe it as an exciting adventure just like you would with a small child.

Trust me, I've been down the apprehension road many times, and more often than not, reality turns out to be way less intimidating than our minds make it out to be.

This life lesson has taught me that we aren't all that different than 4-year-olds in the first place.

Let's work together! ⬇️

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