Effortless Expansion Episode #008: Life Update

I'm recording this episode coming off of one of the most magical weekends, and I'm so excited to tell you all about it. Spoiler alert, this is the only place I'm going to share about all my incredible manifestations that have happened this weekend and what's been going on in my world.

I just got back from an advanced meditation retreat, hosted by Dr. Joe Dispenza, and it was amazing. We meditated once Thursday night, six times on Friday, six times on Saturday and four times on Sunday for a whopping total of approximately 26 hours. Wow. I know, right?

I know this sounds like a lot but as you guys know, I am very invested in my personal development. I have spent, and I've shared this with you guys, upwards of $100,000 in personal development and growing myself. I attribute all of this work to the mind-blowing expansion in my life.

As you may already know, at one point in my life my marriage almost fell apart, I was battling infertility struggles, and was utterly stressed out climbing the corporate ladder in my corporate job.

I pivoted from the hustle of my corporate job to the hustle of an MLM, stressed and burnout, searching for me. Fast forward, now I am this aligned entrepreneur, helping and empowering women to live their best limitless life, every single day, whatever that looks like for them.

This is why I am so passionate about continuing my personal development, education and deepening my spiritual journey.

Back to Dr. Joe, if you don’t know him you must look him up! He hosts a variety of different in person events and the one thing that is true for them all is that they all sell out very quickly.

You need to be on your computer ready to buy your ticket, and so I was.

I purchased my ticket for an event in Marco Island, FL but for whatever reason I didn’t get the hotel information until about 12 hours afterwards. You can probably guess what happened when I finally got the hotel information.

Sold out. No rooms available.

The old me would have panicked but the current version of me knows that the Universe is always conspiring in my favor. I decided I was going to have to get a roommate so I put a notice out on telegram and on Facebook. Of course, a couple of incredible women reached out and so kindly offered up their room. I was connected with a beautiful soul and we totally hit it off. I was so happy!

Not to mention, I’d been desiring deeper connections, deeper sisterhood, and it's no coincidence that I needed to get a roommate and had an incredible connection with my roommate, the way that I did. That was one manifestation but there’s more.

It’s important to note that my big intention for this weekend was to really dig back into the work: mindset, meditation, manifestation, the laws of the universe, the science of quantum physics, how it all works, etc. I told the universe what my intention was and I decided to lean back into my feminine energy to receive. I was so excited for all the miracles the universe was going to send and for the transformation that was to come.

The good-bye to my children and husband went great and we were off to a great start. So I drive myself to the airport, park in the parking garage and of course I get rockstar parking.

I walk into the airport and go straight to the Delta sky club and of course, there's a seat for me. They have fabulous food there, by the way. If you've never been in Delta sky club, it is amazing. I enjoy my time in there, walk down to the gate, and I discover that my ticket was automatically upgraded to comfort plus– excellent! This is one step down from first class and I was happy with that.

I sit on the plane, I sit next to some really great people who are going down to Naples, Florida. After chatting with them I learn that they are traveling with friends for a birthday party and it just so happens that one of the women in the group that has a seat in first class would really like to sit with her girlfriends that are seated by me. Her husband asks me if I wouldn’t mind taking her seat in first class. Um, yes please, more please!!!

I arrive at the hotel and get a text from my roommate that says our room has been upgraded. You can’t make this stuff up!

Before the meditation retreat had even begun I had already experienced so much magic. This is the power of alignment and I am so here for it all. Tune in to this episode to hear how the event went and the other manifestations that I attracted on this trip (yes there is more).

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