The Mom Movement Episode #037: Seeing Things Differently

I had this download come through for me while I was meditating and had to record a podcast episode all about it. It’s this idea of seeing things differently.

You know me and how dedicated I am to mindset work, but even still there are sneaky limiting beliefs that are taking up space. Often these beliefs are imprinted on to us by society or they are cast into our brains by our parents who had the same thing happen to them. Even if we outwardly disagree, these beliefs can still control the way we see things. That is, until we decide to see things differently. These are some sneaky beliefs that may be taking up precious real estate in your subconscious:

Money doesn’t grow on trees

I freaking hate that phrase. My dad used to say it to me all the time.

Okay, true… it technically doesn’t grow on trees. But how can you see this differently? What if instead of focusing on the lack of money, living in the lack of money, you focused on what you can afford? How can you see the abundance in all of the things you do have?

So instead of the belief that money doesn't grow on trees, or there's never enough money to go around, can you choose to see it differently?

Can you shift into the belief that the things you desire are on their way to you?

Women should be seen and not heard

This is a belief generationally that my grandmother and my great-grandmother probably had to deal with more so than today, but it still is very much felt by women. Especially in corporate careers. This was true for me as well, I remember when I worked in corporate, I often wasn’t able to share all of my thoughts in the boardroom.

Here is a new way to see this: women have just as much to say as men.

How can we, when we feel less than or like we are not able to speak up, step into our power and say:
Here's what my intuition just brought me
Here's the download that I just had
Here's what I just channeled
I think maybe we should consider doing it this way
How can we step into our power and do that? What would it take? You guys know that I'm huge into women's empowerment, into stepping into our personal power, to align with our best selves and, and all of that and this is a piece of that.

I invite you to challenge yourself to when you are put into those situations, can you step into your personal power that lives inside of you and say, you know, I'm gonna share my opinion anyways, regardless. This needs to be said, it needs to be heard. I need to speak it.

Guess what? That will generate more personal power inside of you. When we listen to our intuition, tune in and actually take that action, our intuition gets stronger. When it says SPEAK UP… do it, mama!

Money is hard to come by

Again, this is something that I heard a lot growing up. It's something that a lot of my clients fall victim to, this belief that they have to work really freaking hard to earn a living. Money doesn't come easily to them.

Frankly, this used to be a belief that was hard coded to me too. Something that my parents instilled in me was that you had to work really, really, really hard in order to just make a buck. And even then it wasn't enough.

Here's what I want you to know– it's been proven time and time again that there is a way to align with money that feels effortless. If you study any of the greats like Napoleon Hill, Gabby Bernstein, Tony Robbins, Melanie Ann Layer, Amanda Francis, Katherine Zenkina, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Andrew Carnegie, Marion Williamson, I could go on. If you learn about how they teach money, there's a way that you can align with it that doesn’t involve really, really, really hard work.

In fact, we were actually created to live on this earth to succeed and for things to come easily and effortlessly to us.

We don't have to hustle.

We don't have to work our tails off.

We don't have to sacrifice our family and sacrifice our health for money and those that do, that's their choice, right?

It's a very old paradigm. And when I say old paradigm, I mean old beliefs. That's an old way of living that says you have to hustle, hustle, hustle for everything.

The new paradigm is the paradigm of the woman, the paradigm of the mom, the paradigm where you get to have anything and everything you want. I'm a big believer in that. That’s what The Mom Movement is all about.

When you listen to your intuition, when you're in tune with the universe and you receive those downloads and you take action on them and you feel good about that, money will flow to you easily and effortlessly.

Do you have to take some action? Absolutely. You don't just get to sit on the couch and watch the money flow into you. But when you align with it, you guys, it gets to be easy and effortless and you don't have to sacrifice all of the things.

Take it from someone who made that mistake. When I started my network marketing business I thought that if I just hustled really really hard for a few years it would pay off the rest of my life and all be worth it. I have serious regrets about that. About the fact that I missed out on some really incredible moments with my oldest, Tyler and my husband, Nick. I am so glad I didn't continue on like that. I am so glad I know better now.

That is why I am so passionate about teaching this, to spare you the mistakes I learned the hard way. The new paradigm is: I do what feels good for me and the money flows. This is a choice. Can you claim it? When you do, incredible things happen.

There isn’t enough time in the day

Oh my goodness. This one is a little bit of a trigger for me. There are a few people that I have been surrounding myself with lately that love to say this and it really bothers me. I’ll tell you why. Number one, time is an illusion. We all get the same time in a day and it’s up to us to use it wisely. Number two, you get what you say whether you want it or not. If you are constantly saying that you don’t have enough time in the day or you can’t get anything done… guess what you attract? Bingo.

If you catch yourself saying any of these statements, remind yourself this is coming from lack and switch it to abundance:

  • There isn’t enough time in the day
  • I never have time to _____
  • I am too busy
  • When things slow down I’ll _____
  • I ran out of time

These statements are all rooted in lack. Instead, affirm that you live in an abundance of time, you are able to accomplish everything you want to get done with plenty of remaining time, and getting things done feels effortless and easy.

The truth is, we make time for what we decide we make time for. Period. So, I invite you to see time differently so that you can actually have the time to do the things that are important to you.

If you want to see how I’m making the most of my time, follow me over on Instagram, @effortlesslyjess. If you have any questions on effortless time management or want to chat about how to rewire these beliefs on a deeper level, my DMs are always open.

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