The fast and fun way to completely change your life.

I can't tell you how often I talk to women who are tired of trying all the different techniques to get what they want.

They tell me they've tried to manifest the money, the perfect partnership, the business, etc and while they know it's possible-- they feel something is missing.

You feel like it works for everyone else but you are an exception.

Can you relate?

I designed this program, The Effortless Bundle just for you.

There are 4 programs in one. Effortless Woman, Effortless Union, Effortless Wealth, and Effortless Manifestation. You can buy them all, or cherry pick the ones you want.

I chose these 4 programs very intentionally, I believe they are the pivotal pillars to creating massive expansion in your life.

Effortless Woman is happening in March.

Effortless Union is happening in April.

Effortless Wealth is happening in May.

Effortless Manifestation is happening in June.



You’ve gripped, controlled, and forced almost everything in your life.

You are stressed to the max, and overworked.

Anxiety is an everyday word in your life and you feel it in your body.

You see others living so calmly and peacefully and wonder how they can just go with the flow. You envy that.

You think to yourself, "This is my life. I can’t leave it up to chance."

You don’t trust anyone to lead you in YOUR life.

I know how you feel because I used to be you. 🫶

I forced, pushed, and controlled every area of my life from my corporate job to my business, and my marriage.

Don’t get me started on the helicopter parent I used to be (ok, still am in some ways).

But here’s what I want you to know, it is 100% possible for you to feel different, to be calm, focused, and whole.

To feel a deep sense of peace and security in your body and your life.

To know you’re taken care of.

To know you have a much bigger plan in life, and that the Universe always has your back.

Your days go something like this…

You’re short with your kids.

You’re triggered in almost every area of your life.

Raising your voice, rolling your eyes, and snapping at people because you’re a tough, strong independent woman yet inside, you’re breaking.

You are doing it all because you feel like you have to. Let’s face it, no one can do it better so you might as well just do it yourself.

But at what cost?

❌ Stress.

❌ Health concerns.

❌ Anxious feelings to the brink of not being able to function.

❌ A zillion things on your to-do list.

You feel a sense of pride because you are doing it all.

You manage the money, the meals, the kids' schedules, your schedule, workouts, playdates, and on rare occasions a date night with your spouse.

Everyone comes before you.
It’s just how you are.

You are always a giver with a big heart.

And you know you’re incredible at serving others and will self-sacrifice just to help another.

But at what cost?

❌  Feeling disconnected from you.

❌ Setting an example for your kids to repeat the pattern.

❌  Bulldozing your partner.

❌  Making all the decisions for everyone.

You know you can’t keep going like this but you also don’t see another option. This is how you are, this is how you were taught to be as a Woman.

But….what if it didn’t have to be that way?

I'm going to walk you through exactly what I did to achieve feelings of calm, fulfillment, and unwavering clarity.

I’ve created the Effortless Woman to invite you into the most expansive experience for you as a Woman.

The Effortless Woman is my 4-day invite for you to do it differently.

Different than you have been and, dare I say, open yourself up to a new way, the effortless way.

This experience will help you

✨ Heal the deeply engrained wounds that tell you that you must be, do, and have it all because there is no one else to help.

✨ Make it easy to ask for and receive help.

✨ Learn how to go first and let others and the Universe meet you where you are.

✨ Harmonize your masculine and feminine energy.

✨ Examine the beliefs that you have about what a Woman should look like and realign them to support your Effortless Woman way.

Here’s what you’ll walk away with:

🔥 Feeling calm in your body and mind

🔥 Relief from worry and people-pleasing

🔥 Certainty that you are supported beyond belief

🔥 Tools + Resources to hold yourself in the busyness and chaos of life when you want to revert to old ways

🔥 Tangible tools and plans to ask for what you want and leverage the magic around you to magnetize it in

🔥 Clarity on what you want out of life and how to bring it into your reality

🔥 Reprogramming your mind to operate at its highest level to support you on this new journey

🔥 Energetic and alchemy healing from myself and my guides and healing team while inside this space


Feeling so worthy of all the desires of your heart that it releases the pressure to push, force, and control everything around you.

Knowing with deep conviction you are divinely supported.

Learning from someone who has walked in your shoes. I see you. I’ve been there. You can embrace this change and never look back. And becoming an Effortless Woman will be one of the best decisions of your life.

Having a safe space for you to understand and someone to hold you in the tough moments and see you in your growth.

Making time for yourself and teaching that as an example with your family.

Imagine if you decided to take a chance on yourself and that one decision changed the trajectory of your entire life.

A year from now you’re going to look back and you’re going to say, “OMG, I’m so glad I did Effortless Woman because it was the launching pad and catalyst for everything!!”


Day 1: March 24
Day 2: March 25
Day 3: March 30
Day 4: March 31
Voxer Integration Support: April 1-4


Are you ready to bring back the long lost spark in your marriage?

You’ve always been a romantic. From the moment you watched your first Disney movie, you dreamed of having an incredible relationship and fairytale marriage one day.

You're married now and you’re happy but it’s not the fairytale you were sold from the movies.

You love your spouse but you’re missing the spark, the excitement, and the butterflies!

When is the swept off your feet live happily ever after part?

Here's the truth, you get to live happily ever after but marriage is work.

I’m here to tell you there are some teachings and lessons you can embrace for your marriage to become effortless.


🔥 Going from two ships passing in the night to dancing around together in the kitchen.

🔥 Going from boring on your back sex to can’t get enough, dripping, fireworks sex 💥

🔥 Going from annoyed, frustrated, and overwhelmed, to a respectful, peaceful, calm, and on-fire spicy marriage!

You’ve done all the things on your life list:

➡️ You went to school.

➡️ Got a job.

➡️ Got married.

➡️ Bought a house.

➡️ Had kids

You literally have the fairytale on paper but why don’t you feel it?

You’re happy but you find yourself looking over your shoulder thinking is this really all there is? 👀

I was promised romance, being swept off my feet, and happy ever after…where is it?

Why isn’t he more into me?
Why isn’t he surprising me?
Why doesn’t he take me out on dates?
Why doesn’t he notice how hot I look right now?

You’ve seen others talking about their marriages and it's the same old same old. It seems like all of your friends feel the same as you- the spark you all were promised just isn’t there anymore.

So what can you do? What’s the solution?

I know how you feel because I used to be you. My husband and I were two ships passing in the night- I’d be rolling my eyes at him, and always thinking he never did anything good enough- bulldozing him for anything he said that I didn’t like or agree with.

My biggest complaint was that he never paid enough attention to me like, hello why aren't you all over me?!

What I know now is I was repelling him with how I was treating myself and him.

Do you know how they say water and oil don’t mix?

Well, turns out, when you’re both acting in your masculine energy there is no room for va-voom romance.

You, as the woman, get to be the dripping in feminine with pure desire for your spouse and he can’t help but be swept off his feet by you.

And you with him.

This experience will help you

💕 Massively uplevel the passion in your marriage in every way possible.

💕 Communicate like the divine Union you are

💕 Get Treated like a Queen

💕 Respect him like a King

💕 Share in the decisions for yourself and your family

💕 Support each other in big dreams and desires

💕 Have an on-fire sex life

💕 Looking at each other with googly eyes all over again

I know how you feel because I’ve been there and this program will walk you through exactly how to feel seen, calm, worthy AF, and magnetic to bring you the relationship of your dreams!

I’ve created Effortless Union to invite you into the most expansive experience for you as a woman.

The Effortless Union is my 4-day invite for you to spice up your relationship and your marriage.

This experience will help you:

💗 Heal the wounds in yourself and your relationship

💗 Unite your feminine and masculine energy

💗 Become the magnetic Woman that will have him on his knees 👅

💗 Gain clarity on your desires for your relationship

💗 Examining the beliefs that you have around what a Union should look like and realigning them to support your Effortless Union way.

Here’s what you’ll walk away with:

✨Feeling so fucking satisfied in your relationship
✨Relief from disappointment from where you are in your relationship
✨Certainty of what you desire
✨Tools + Resources to support yourself in the busyness and chaos of life when you want to revert to old ways
✨Tangible tools and plans to ask for what you want and leverage the magic around you to magnetize it in
✨Reprogramming your mind to operate at its highest level to support you on this new journey
✨Energetic and alchemy healing from myself and my guides and healing team while inside this space

You are worthy to have the relationship of your dreams. It’s simple and it takes conscious choices and decisions but you get to have anything and everything you want.



Are you ready to take your relationship with money to the next level? You're in the right place.

So often I talk to women who want to heal their money wounds.

Consciously they know money is not bad, they know how important it is, and desire it deeply.

Unconsciously they feel guilty for wanting it, unsure how to receive it, and worst of all unworthy of it.

If you can relate, Effortless Wealth was designed for you.

Think of this program as the secret cheat codes to open the floodgates to money in your life. 🌊

This is a 7-week container where you will get high-level support along with peer accountability, maximizing your results and cultivating deeper self-trust and confidence with your wealth mindset. There will be 7 weekly group calls on Zoom.

Did you know money is energy? 💸

It's true and that means you get to have a relationship with money. 🤯

The deeper you evolve in your relationship with money, the better your relationship with money will be.

You wouldn’t say to your spouse, "Ugh you’re late again. You never show up for me. You’re never enough. I don't like you right now."

If you talk to money like that it's crazy to think it will continue to show up and be in excess for you.

This experience will help you:

✨ Rewire old beliefs about money.

✨ Expand on your understanding of money

✨ Bring in more wealth and increase your family's access to cash

✨ Build trust and clarity around money

✨ Align with money so that it will love showing up for you in excess

✨ Cultivate a relationship that will last forever

If you want to secure your spot, then let’s embrace Effortless Wealth together.

I want you in this with me.



Are you ready to start attracting jaw-dropping manifestations on the regular? 

You've been learning about manifestation for a long time and you know it works.

You've seen your favorite mentors rave about it and you know it works because you've created some pretty magical things already.

It just seems like there is something missing, you want to be able to harness your manifestation powers and use them more easily.

Can you relate?

If so, this program was specifically designed for you, Effortless Manifestation.

Come along with me for this 4-day experience and play in a new possibility.

I desire it but I don't need it energy is one of the key codes to manifestation ✨

Together inside this program, we are going to embrace the many key codes that are part of the manifestation sequence for effortless manifesting.

Effortless manifesting is manifesting with intention and clarity on what you desire without pushing, pulling, or striving.

It’s realizing you’re doing your part and the big almighty universe has your back and is meeting you more than halfway in bringing all of your desires into your reality. Manifesting with ease and effortlessly.

Do you think manifestation is too spiritual for you?

Guess what?

You’re manifesting whether or not you’re intentionally doing it.

Manifestation is for anyone and everyone.

This experience will help you:

✨ Manifest as a busy mom

✨ Manifest when you're holding a lot

✨ Trust in yourself and the Universe

✨ Lean back and let life surprise you

✨ Release your death grip on control

✨ Have more fun

I invite you to imagine what's possible for you. What would it be like to:

➡️ Manifest the perfect parking spot on command

➡️ Find yourself in the right place at the right time, often

➡️ Feel a sense of playfulness about your desires

➡️ Trust in the idea that what is meant for you will never miss you

➡️ Experience miracles frequently

➡️ Embody unshakeable confidence

➡️ Bring a sense if love, light, and ease everywhere you go

Are you ready to make Effortless Manifestation a non-negotiable in your life? Let's do this!



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Effortless Woman

Effortless Union

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