A 5 Day Live Experience

January 2 - 6 @ 7:33pm EST

I was not taught to do things differently.

I was not taught to feel powerful, magnetic and limitless on my own terms.

I was not encouraged to put desires, power and luxury in everything I do.

I didn't grow up watching women break the rules and write their own.

I didn't always know that I was worthy of anything and everything I wanted.

But I knew I had a deep desire to live a life that I was madly in love with...

So I created it, I embodied it, & now I teach it.

It feels good to know that if we desire IT, somewhere cosmically, IT desires us.

I think women like me are both born AND made for this. You’re the ONE & I’m calling you in.

To be unruly about everything we’ve been taught about power, desire, sex, money, luxury and life.

I invite every woman to do the same. Here's the itenerary:

  • Day 1: We will uncover the unwritten rules burned into your subconscious and deactivate them.
  • Day 2: Next, we will activate your deep desires and help you claim them with confidence.
  • Day 3: It's time to write the new rules for your life. Calling in your rules, your way.
  • Day 4: Alignment and Embodiment.
    The most important part of the experience is embodying your inner Unruly Woman. It's time to bring her out. This will change the trajectory of your life.
  • Day 5: Live Q+A

***Don't worry if you can't attend live, you will have lifetime access to the replay.

$55.00 USD