Effortless Expansion Episode #023: 7 Expansive Lessons from 2022

As 2022 came to a close, I took time and reflected deeply on the seven biggest expansive lessons for me in 2022. I journaled them out, and I'm going to share them with you as a reflection for you and also for myself in the future. I am so excited to revisit this episode next year and see how far I’ve come. 

Here are my 7 expansive lessons:

Lesson #1

It’s all happening FOR me.

I have had so much incredible evidence this year that every single thing that happens is working out in my favor. The journey is not always sunshine and rainbows, but in the end everything always works out. Always in all ways.

Lesson #2


Rest is healing and necessary. My husband, my kids and I were all terribly sick with the flu the week before Christmas and a huge lesson came out of it. I tend to wear my busyness as a badge of honor and have a really hard time slowing down and I was able to see that part of myself clearly. 

Lesson #3

I get to have it all, my way.

This year has taught me that I have the capacity to hold SO MUCH DUALITY. I can hold space for sadness or disappointment in my heart AND I can have joy and effortless abundance. I can hold being sick and attract my soul aligned clients. I can handle life’s curve balls and also create the life I want for myself. I get to have it all. 

Lesson #4

It’s ok to say no.

This year I have said no to things that in the past I would have felt really guilty about. I’ve gotten insanely good at listening to my soul’s whispers and if it is a no in my body… It’s. A. No. Period.

Lesson #5

It’s okay for people to change and relationships to change.

So often we have this idea in our mind about who people are, what they do and how they show up and when they start changing, it makes us feel uncomfortable. But as we grow and evolve, (which is what we're here to do) sometimes we will grow together and sometimes people change and we grow out of each other's lives. I'm going through this right now with a really dear friend of mine, and that's okay. That doesn't mean we won't ever come back together. It just means we're on different journeys right now and that's perfectly fine. She's allowed her growth and expansion just like I am too.

Lesson #6

I love being UNRULY

It's me, all of me. I'm going first and setting the example. I do what I want to do. I don’t do what I don’t want to do. I break the rules, lean into fear, and walk into the unknown with open arms. I want to show you what’s possible. I am no longer available to be placed in a box and told to sit down and be quiet. This is the Unruly way. This is the foundation of my brand.

Lesson #7 

It gets to be effortless.

I used to be the queen of controlling everything and everyone. What my kids ate, what they drink, what kind of food was in our house, what medicines we used, what we ate for dinner, what I wore, what they wore. You get the idea. Having control made me feel safe. But I’ve come to realize that the frequency of control and force doesn’t work and I actually desire it to be effortless. I desire the universe to meet me halfway. And it does. 

That’s it, y’all. Those are my 7 lessons. To hear more of the backstory behind each one, be sure to tune in to the podcast episode. Oh, and as promised, here are the journal prompts you can use to reflect on your 2022.

  1. What are my biggest lessons in 2022?
  2. What am I taking with me in 2023?
  3. What am I leaving behind in 2022?
  4. How are you leaning into this being your best year yet?
  5. What action can you take today to move you closer to your best year yet

BONUS: I love to make a yearly picture board in the new year to reminisce and give gratitude for the year before and I’d encourage you to do the same to remember all the things you did.

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